Swiss Army Knife & Guitar Amplifier

Victorinox Tinker with small carabiner & top right front corner of Roland Micro Cube (the red one).


My cell phone again

Pentel Color Brush. The idea is the same as the Aquash, but it comes filled with ink. Comes in different colors. I’ve only got black.

Kitten’s Face

This one’s a bit off.  This is one to learn from. Proportions aren’t quite right.

Jotter, Aquash, Scratching Post

One of my Parker Jotters, Pentel Aquash again & a cat’s scratching post.

Aiptek ISDV2+ & Pentel Aquash Waterbrush

The Aiptek camcorder rides on the dashboard in my car and records while I’m driving. That stuff on the bottom that looks like hair is a strip of Velcro that I use to fasten it to the dashboard. The model number, depending on where it’s being sold is either ISDV2+ or DZO-V5T.

The Aquash is one of a handful of waterbrushes I have. I love those things.

Testing Noodler’s Black

Borrowing from Stephen Colbert (sort of) with the use of the made-up word “waterproofiness” there.

Drawing my left hand again. Basically ’cause it’s always with me. My thumb came out waaaaay too long.

2 Fountain Pens & Small Ink Bottle

2 drawn from memory, 1 drawn while looking at it.

That Sheaffer is the first fountain pen I ever bought. Bought it to use as a drawing pen. Still have it.

Ink bottle is the same sample bottle from previous sketches.