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Finally have a new scanner – Tony Shalhoub


Poor blog’s been neglected for too long, thanks to Microsoft’s inaccurate Windows 7 Compatibility website, which listed my old scanner as compatible with Win7, when it was absolutely not. Would have been nice if they’d actually TESTED hardware before publishing screwed up info.

Anyway, this is an older watercolor of Tony Shalhoub. I tore it up one day; don’t remember why. Eventually, I taped it back together. I’d spent too much time and pigment on it to just toss it away like confetti. Now that I’ve got a new scanner I’ve got to start scanning stuff again.


My left hand — not quite right

I’m not entirely pleased with how this came out. I used alizarin crimson by mistake, instead of the rose madder I usually use for flesh tones. There was no reason for it, either, since I was using half pans and the madder was sitting right next to the crimson. I just wasn’t paying attention.