Some of my sketching tools

Waterbrush, Derwent HB water soluble sketching pencil, Pitt artist pen (sepia),  Berol RapiDesign .5 mm mechanical pencil.


4 responses to “Some of my sketching tools

  1. Really fine work! Thanks for sharing these drawings with us on EDM!

  2. Nice blog. I really enjoyed visiting. You do really nice work.

  3. Thanks for the comment….been looking for a really good “drawing” ink pen for watercolor – how do you like your Pitt pen – can you watercolor over it?…Would like to find a fountain pen – got any ideas?….used anything you like? I love my waterbrushes too – I’m a drawer not a painter, so the waterbrushes suit my style well.

    • The Pitt pen is waterproof, so you can watercolor over it once it’s dry. I’ve used it in my Moleskine sketchbook, where fountain pen ink seems to just hover on the surface of the paper. I prefer drawing with fountain pens, though.

      Regarding drawing/sketching with fountain pens, it depends on what kind of line you prefer. If you like a uniform line, any modern fountain pen will work–Parker, Sheaffer, Pelikan, Lamy (lots of people seem to like the Lamy Safari for drawing), Rotring, Waterman, etc. Doesn’t have to be expensive, either. If you like variation of line thickness, then you’d want something with a flexible nib. In that case, you probably want to look for a vintage pen. I’m using an Esterbrook J, which cost me somewhere in the mid $20s on eBay with a 9128 nib on it. Don’t remember exactly how much the nib cost–mid teens, low 20s, maybe. The 9128 is not the most flexible nib you can get on a vintage fountain pen, though.
      Old Waterman pens (and other brands) can have much more flexible nibs.

      Lots of fountain pen info:

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