Finally have a new scanner – Tony Shalhoub


Poor blog’s been neglected for too long, thanks to Microsoft’s inaccurate Windows 7 Compatibility website, which listed my old scanner as compatible with Win7, when it was absolutely not. Would have been nice if they’d actually TESTED hardware before publishing screwed up info.

Anyway, this is an older watercolor of Tony Shalhoub. I tore it up one day; don’t remember why. Eventually, I taped it back together. I’d spent too much time and pigment on it to just toss it away like confetti. Now that I’ve got a new scanner I’ve got to start scanning stuff again.


Aiptek MPVR+ CB

I have no idea what the CB stands for. This camera is also designated DZO-58N, 5800N and the Exif data on pictures taken with this camera shows 8800N. I bought this one last year around this time at Target at a deeeeeep discount. The very next week it was right back up to its regular price (too high, IMHO).

Little Girl Drawn During Power Failure

Kids’ proportions are not the same as teens’ & adults’. I’m never quite sure if I’ve gotten it right. 🙂

Right-Side-Up Drawing

Same guy from the upside-down drawing. Compare and contrast with the earlier sketch, flipped right side up:

Missy Relaxing

Yup, my hand was sore after this one. If she was all black, my hand might have ended up permanently fused to the pen.

Guy in a sweater

Doesn’t he look smug? 🙂

Upside-down Drawing Experiment

Drawing your subject upside-down is supposed to help you focus on the shapes & shadows & whatnot rather than what you’re actually trying to draw. It’s a technique sometimes suggested when you’re having trouble with a particular subject. Didn’t work here. 🙂